Venture Capital Investments

Revealing new funding opportunities 

Prodan Networks Ltd. pursues business opportunities in the technology domain.

We carry out fund-raising services for start-up companies in different stages of their life cycle and for mature V.C. funds establishing their additional funds. Through the combined expertise and contacts of our local and international network of partners, we can assist technology start-ups and V.C. funds in their fund-raising efforts and lead them to new areas of funding.

Close familiarity and access to key decision-makers in each organization provides us with an added value in promoting the tasks ahead of us.

Our focal interest is to identify start-up companies that have developed innovative products with a solid business model, with a strong IP and backed by a dedicated strong and experienced managerial team.

Through its international network of partners and carefully selected Advisory Board members, Prodan Networks Ltd. is in an excellent position to assist start-up organizations in different technology domains to achieve their goals within the best possible time frame.

We concentrate our efforts in the following domains:

  • Life science medical device and biotechnology
  • Homeland Security
  • Information Technology
  • Telecom
  • Media
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Semiconductors
  • Storage



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